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Palace of the Drowned A suspenseful transporting literary thriller about a British novelist who heads to Venice after a public breakdown by Christine Mangan the bestselling author of TangerineIt's 1966 and Frankie Croy needs a break Having achieved success with her debut bestseller she's been trying desperately to live up to the high expectations of her editor and fans only to fall short with each new book When she receives a possible career ending review and then has a very public breakdown she retreats to her friend's vacant palazzo in Venice in the hopes the new setting will rejuvenate her creativity and inspire her writingBut she finds that she's just as stuck And then she meets a fellow British expat a precocious young fan named Gilly who is eager to befriend her favorite author at all costs An aspiring writer Gilly worms herself into Frankie's Venetian life and the two begin an uneasy companionship Frankie is skeptical of someone so relentlessly chipper and Gilly tells stories that seem too good to be true and in fact some of them are This complicated web of desperate friendship half truths and white lies all set against a once in a generation storm that inundates Venice and leaves it flooded will lead Frankie to make a choice that is impossible to undoA gorgeously rendered and twisted tale of art and ambition Palace of the Drowned is a literary thriller that asks just how far one is willing to go to achieve success

About the Author: Christine Mangan

Christine Mangan has her PhD in English from University College Dublin where her thesis focused on 18th century Gothic literature and an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Southern Maine Tangerine is her first novel

10 thoughts on “Palace of the Drowned

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    I was so disappointed in Tangerine but this book sounds so GOOD

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    This book was very gothic atmospheric and creepy A bit slow in the beginning but it picks up and then I just had to know what happened at the end I really liked the writing and this made me want to go back to Venice I was less in love with the pacing and found myself just wanting to get to it and find out what happens and why Gilly is the way she is and find out about the tangled web of her relationship with Frankie The pieces all click together at the end but there were numerous times that I was exasper

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    oh my god 35 stars

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