Lost Wolf Grey Lake Shifters Book 2 ePUB ´ Lost Wolf

Lost Wolf Grey Lake Shifters Book 2 May Jensen has had a rough few months While protecting her friend Iris from an attack by cougar shifters she suffered a tremendous head injury that would have killed a human Plagued by headaches and memory difficulties ever since the petite wolf shifter can no longer work as a police officer Left adrift without the job she loves May struggles to heal and find her new place in the world She returns to painting which she has loved since childhood Unfortunately she has the eerie habit of unconsciously predicting the future through her art Not helping matters is that someone seems to be out to get her Who wants to hurt her and whyGrizzly shifter Beau Shanley has been infatuated with May ever since the night he helped fight off the cougars who ambushed her As the daughter of the former alpha wolf and sister of the current one Beau believes May is destined for a bright future one that doesn’t include a man who is barely able to keep his beast under control When he learns of the threats against her however he can’t just stand by and watch Both he and his inner animal are compelled to protect her As the two work together to keep May safe the attempts on her life intensify and an innocent bystander is harmed Is someone out for revenge or is this part of a larger plan against the shifters of Grey Lake

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