You Say Geotourism, I Say Tourism Geology! PDF ñ

You Say Geotourism, I Say Tourism Geology! Your idea of geology and tourism relation is challenged by the author Because in a natural tourist destination geology can do than explaining the rocks To unlock tourist attraction potential from geological point of view tourism geology idea is provided as the other new perspective on geology and tourism relation other than geologicaltourism It is about the future of tourism and also business opportunity where geological knowledge able to support various types of tourism markets eg the markets of • Sun and Beach Tourism • Adventure Tourism• Health Tourism• Medical Tourism• Cave Tourism• Volcano Tourism• Deep Sea Tourism • Moon Tourism • Mars TourismWritten by a geologist who dedicated his years to develop it he shares his perspective in • 1 chapter of introduction depicts the general description of the book • 4 chapters of know why arguments which describe tourism geology phylosophy tourist attraction tourist activity safety and impact of the activity what make it differ with geotourism and• 5 chapters of know how knowledges as research demonstration Tourism geology idea provides what should be asked to geologist and what should be delivered by geologist to tourism related professionals eg park manager tour guideoperator and park rangers Hence those two professions able to communicate in the same content and same context The content is to deliver proper geological knowledge while the context is tourism as a business

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