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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewIf you combined The Horse Whisperer with a fated mates trope and a dash of murder mystery this would be your resultAfter suffering from a viscous attack Finn mac Cumhail can no longer tolerate any human presence other than Jane — his owner who had also been injured saving him Enter Curran McKenna the handsome Irish horse trainer rud to have a bit of horse magic With the future of Grantham Acres resting on Finn's ability to compete and win in the upcoming Thoroughbred Millions it's up to Curran and his uniue ability to bring Finn aroundHard enough of a task until you throw in a mystery man hell bent on keeping Finn and his lovely owner out of the race no matter the costI have to say I really enjoyed the training sessions between Curran and Finn the most Successfully winning back a horse's trust through sheer willpower and perseverance will never get oldespecially when it involves damaged souls that desperately need itThe murder mystery kept things interesting even though there were some pretty heavy hints sprinkled throughout However be prepared to look over some plot holes view spoilerLike if someone is trying to kill you they won't just watch you to see if you're breathingthey'd probably check your pulse to make sure you were really dead Just sayin' hide spoiler 35Originally published in 2002 as a Harleuin Intrigue This was a good romantic suspense The back story was fascinating and horrific at the same time Sorry but beating a beautiful horse like that was tragic At least they got theirs This review is based on the ARC provided by the author andor the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion I love a book that has a hint of the supernatural along with romance and mysteryJane Grantham and her horse Finn are trying to overcome the trauma of an attack which left both with physical and emotional damageUnless she can get Finn to accept people around him and recover sufficiently to win the Kentucky Thoroughbred Millions cup her family home and farm will be forfeitIrish trainer Curran McKenna Finn's original trainer has flown to Kentucky at the reuest of Jane's grandmother in the hope that he might help he has a reputation of being a horse whisperer and getting miraculous results Part of this is down to his Granny's legacy which allows him to make an emotional bond with horses and if Granny is to be believed a bond with his one true loveInitially against letting Curran help Jane soon realises that he is having great success with Finn and possibly with her as well every time they touch he seems to be able to see into her psyche and connect with her emotionallyBut there are those who want Curran and Finn to fail and they will stop at nothing to get their wayCurran and Jane must fight against the threat against them whilst ensuring that Finn is ready to win the raceJane and Curran's connection might be all that saves her life along with that of her sisterWho is trying to kill them ?All is not as it seems A fast paced romantic thriller with a touch of the super natural which makes for an enjoyable readI was given an arc of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I'm loving the re releases of the McKenna Legacy series books by Patricia Rosemoor With this latest release of the series I've learned that there are books in the series that I have not previously read which thrills me to no end as this series of books are ones that I grew up reading again and again throughout my teen yearsWith the perfect blend of paranormal romance and mystery Mysterious Stranger is the kind of book that leaves you with a feeling of sitting by a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and just basking in the warmthAn arc of this book was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Curran McKenna was charmed not only with devastating good looks but also with the ability to communicate with horses — a gift passed down from his grandmother But when the Irish playboy was called to Kentucky to help gentle a crazed horse he discovered that the beautiful owner needed some tender loving care herself — and that his connection to her was than magicJane Grantham had barely survived the night she and her beloved horse were brutally attacked by a deranged madman Now her only hope of winning the Thoroughbred Millions cup and staying alive was in the hands of a mysterious soul stirring stranger who claimed he could heal her horse — as well as her heart I love mystery romances This book has it all love deceit murder and of course wonderful horses Rosemoor is as incredible author and I love these irish men in her books We start with Jane Grantham stepping into stop the destruction of her horse Finn from a villain she once trusted which traumatizes both her and the horse This is why Curran McKenna is called in he once trained Finn and has a special way with horses that might get through to him in time to run in a very important race that will save Jane's farm But Curran is surprised when he connects not only to Finn but to Jane as wellshe's prickly and wary She's also desperate which is the only reason she agrees to let Curran stay after she finds out what he can do It soon becomes clear though that not only is someone trying to keep Finn out of the race but that someone is trying to take Jane out of the euation too Curran has come to realize that Jane is the woman that will complete his McKenna legacy and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe Cool story actually I like that the author changed things up a bit from the typical horse whisperer stuff to include a connection to Jane herself Curran is able to read her the same way he can read a horse simply because of how connected she is to Finn after the trauma the endured together I liked the characters Curran was calm and collectedlittle smug but he wasn't arrogant or pushy He just knew he had a talent and could get the job done But he wasn't smug about his romance with Jane which I really appreciated He was patient and took his time waiting for her to be ready Jane was a bit harder to like mostly because she was so damn resistant to help and admitting that she'd been played for a fool She was really resistant to having Curran around even though he represented a chance at not only saving her farm but also getting through to a traumatized horse That stubbornness did not reflect positively on her personality As a suspense this was also well done This was a little bit complicated than just one or two people being evil and what not which is a good thing It's nice to see that an author isn't getting into a formula We have a lot of red herrings but also some unexpected surprises when it comes to who is responsible although I guess I kinda saw one of the surprises coming And one of the villains just disappeared from the story and I'd like to know what happened to him Overall a good read and probably in for the long haul with this series now Mysterious StrangerMay 31 2002The McKenna Legacy continues in Mysterious Stranger Curran McKenna's turn to discover his grandmother's legacy When Jane Grantham and her prize horse are attacked Curran comes from Ireland to see if the horse he trained can be saved He doesn't expect to be drawn to the horse's fiery owner a woman he instinctively knows is in danger Jane needs the crazed horse to run in an upcoming race that could save her farm She doesn't want to admit she needs the mysterious Irishman She doesn't have a choice when the attacker begins to stalk her againMysterious Stranger is Rosemoor's best Intrigue since Cowboy Justice three years ago It's not as extraordinary as the first four McKenna books some of her all time best but a definite improvement over some recent efforts While the mystery is somewhat muddled and easy to figure out there's a good sense of danger lurking around every corner The romance is very strong Both characters are well developed with their own reasons for not wanting to get involved and we see them grow and get used to one another over the course of the book This isn't the kind of story where they're immediately falling into bed It feels natural as we get to see initial attraction lead to something deeper and meaningful Jane is no weepy ninny but a tough woman with a vulnerable side Fans of Nora Roberts style Irish heroes or anyone who likes a real Irish charmer should find Curran appealing Both are thoroughly likable and their romance is charmingThe McKenna Legacy is in full effect as Rosemoor delivers a magical tale that will please fans who've been waiting for this story and send newcomers searching for the other books See Me in Your Dreams Tell Me No Lies Touch Me in the Dark and Never Cry Wolf First published in 2002 this book is the fifth in The McKenna Legacy series and the first one I have readGrantham Acres is a respected stud farm for thoroughbred’s and Jane runs the family property Injured and traumatised by the past she fights against her attraction to Curran the Irish horse trainerCurran is a trainer with a special animal empathy inherited from his granFinn is the traumatised stallion who has to rebuild his trust with humans including Jane before he can win the big race to save Grantham Acres from ruin The three of them will soon find they are connected by than their past This connection may save someone’s life when some people will stop at nothing to get what they wantCurran was a very alluring character sexy AND double bonus good with horses I would love to meet a man like him In addition I liked the way he used his skills to help Finn and Jane heal and at the same time managed to overcome some of his own issuesThis book is an easy read including a great mix of horses romance and danger Its the sort of story I could imagine curling up with on a cold dayThe publisher via Netgalley kindly provided a copy of the digital version of this book and this review is solely mine 355 starsFirst thoughts it was pretty tacky and it felt a little bit dragged but I do not think I could ever say no to an Irish horse trainer just like Jane so I did like some parts of it No but really it was a little dragged and it could have been a lot better if it was written a little bit like a romantic murder mystery I did not feel like I could suspect anybody with legitimate reason because the whole storybackground was very unclear to me Also the withholding of the certain relationships was fine in the beginning but I did think it was a little overdone I would recommend this but as a in between read not as a ‘this book is so so so amazing please read it’ bookI was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Mysterious Stranger

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