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The evil king is dead the war is over and Meliara barefoot countess and reluctant heroine has been swept up into a different kind of battle in the dance halls and drawing rooms of the royal palace Physical warfare is easy compared to the genteel skirmishes of the royal court Here Mel's friends and enemies look alike Instead of swords they wave fans; instead of armor they wear beautiful gowns and sinister smiles If she is to survive Mel will have to learn a whole new way of fighting with wits and words and secret alliances Court Duel

About the Author: Sherwood Smith

I am a writer but I'm here on Goodreads to talk about books as I've been a passionate reader as long as I've been a writer since early childhoodI'm not going to rate books there are too many variables I'd rather talk about the reading experience My 'reviews' of my books are confined to the writing process

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    I've revised my opinion of this book or should I say these books? after a second reading so instead of editing my old review I shall write another hereI enjoyed it much than I did the first time Actually I couldn't remember reading Court Duel at all previously only Crown Duel so unless I have a very short memory I must not have read the second partnovel very attentively But anyway I thought Shevraeth was great very

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    The second and stronger half of Crown Court Court Duel finds scrappy Meliara at the royal court of Remalna trying to become a proper gentlewoman The tyrant has been removed The Maruis of Shevraeth is the likeliest candidate for the crown although a few other possibilities remain Mel’s brother Branaric is engaged to be married As for Mel she’s spent the year since the events of Crown Duel educating herself She’s no

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    I imagine if I could be neutral I might've given this book 35 or 3 stars Despite its flaws I liked and cared about the characters Therefore I couldn't bring myself to give it anything lower than a 4 star rating Yes I liked the book but it could've been so much better The book had some of my favorite elements an intelligent sensitive yet tough heroine; an entertaining court life full of intrigues and power struggle; and a

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    The second half Court Duel I wrote in my mid twenties Mel and I shared only one thing being emotionally backward I did try to keep that when I rewrote her story in my forties

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    Rating and review to follow once the Young AdultMiddle Grade battle kicks offAs I said in my review of the first part my reaction to this one couldn't have been different than to Crown Duel I loved this I believe Beth said it best when she commented something along the lines of this book parts I and II combined that is is best when you kind of start in the middle first Because the beginning honestly didn't manage to keep my attent

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    I could go on and on about how much I appreciate the author for keeping everything fairly simple and great but I’ll keep it at a minimum There were politics in this book instead of the action present in the first book I still really like Mel and she is still true to herself She is headstrong aware of her ignorance and an all around nice girl Even though there was politics in this book it wasn’t half as cumbersome as in other boo

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    Court Duel is a much better read than its preuel the Crown Duel Usually I don't get to say this because if the first book is not an engaging read I don't bother with the next in the series Even though Crown Duel was a slow read it really did pick up the pace towards the end and stopped at an interesting juncture that I had to read Court Duel I do not regret it at the leastThe story picks where it left off from the revolt coming to an end

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    Cute cute seuel to Crown Duel If you pick this up pick up a copy where both stories are in one book I would have loved reading the first book and just flowing right into the second book This one picks up right where Crown Duel leaves off and eventually finds Meliara in the captial I really enjoyed the story and just loved that darling elusive Maruis I will admit even though he was described as having very long light blond hair I just had to

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    Six months after the defeat of Galdran Meliara has dedicated herself to filling in the massive gaps of her knowledge and restoring Tlanth to prosperity She's certainly not thinking about a particular Maruis or her horrendous behavior towards him—at least not until her brother returns from the capital with a fiancee andthe Maruis of ShevraethMeliara uickly realizes that it's time for her to take her place at Court for better or worseMy feelin

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