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Settling the Score Romy Salisbury was everything he despised in a woman Dominic smiled a cold smile as his mind lingered on the pleasure and the retribution he was going to exact in the next few days.He had waited five years for his moment and now it was here It was high time that he settled the score with the delicious Miss Romy Salisbury.REVENGE IS SWEET when it leads to love

About the Author: Sharon Kendrick

I was told off as a child for making up stories little did I know that one day I d earn my living by writing them To the horror of my parents, I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs I was a London DJ in the now trendy Primrose Hill , a decorator and a singer After that I became a cook, a photographer and, eventually, a nurse I waitressed in the south of France, drove a

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    Re Settling the Score Sharon Kendrick completes her Revenge is Sweet series with both an H and an h who are out for revenge against each other.The H is the forerunner of the SK s The Playboy Sheikh s Virgin Stable Girl Sheikhy Man Stud and Greatest Lover Ever H but he isn t a sheikh, he is a big time business guy who is illegitimate, came from seriously depre

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    3,25 stars The third book in Revenge is sweet series It was better than Getting Even and Kiss and Tell When I was reading I felt like watching a old Turkish love movies Sharon Kendrick could be identified as The Unforgettable Director of Love Movies I mean SK used the most unbelievable cliches in this book view spoiler There was slut shaming, matry heroine who was

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    En Espa a publicado con el t tulo de Obsesi n.Muy simple.

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    Hot and steamy for an almost vintage Too fast to declare love

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