Dancing with Strangers Europeans and Australians at First

Dancing with Strangers Europeans and Australians at First Contact In January 1788 the First Fleet arrived in New South Wales Australia and a thousand British men and women encountered the people who would be their new neighbors Dancing with Strangers tells the story of what happened between the first British settlers of Australia and these Aborigines Inga Clendinnen interprets the earliest written sources and the reports letters and journals of the first British settlers in Australia She reconstructs the difficult path to friendship and conciliation pursued by Arthur Phillip and the local leader 'Bennelong' Baneelon that was ultimately destroyed by the assertion of profound cultural differences A Prize winning archaeologist anthropologist and historian of ancient Mexican cultures Inga Clendinnen has spent most of her teaching career at La Trobe University in Bundoora Australia Ambivalent Conuests Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan Cambridge 1989 and Aztecs An Interpretation Cambridge 1995 are two of her best known scholarly works; Tiger's Eye A Memoir Scribner 2001 describes her battle against liver cancer Reading the Holocaust Cambridge 2002 explores World War II genocide from various perspectives

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    I read this book back in 2008 and below is the review I wrote then and posted on com In the almost ten years since I read this book we've made less progress than I'd hoped for then`People always look most alike w

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    I love studying history I love it so much that I devote most of my weekdays to it; so much that I spend a good chunk of my spare time and weekends trying to learn languages to help me with it; so much that I can m

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    Excellent Anyone interested in Australia history or the Melbourne School or Inga Clendinnen must read

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    Engrossing and often dramatic narrative of the first few years of contact between white settler invaders and the fish dependent Eora people of the harbour Competition for survival became almost as fraught as the con

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    There are uite a few books on the First Fleet Inga Clendinnen's focus on the interactions between the interloping British with the Australian inhabitants and tries to deduce the possible reasons for the behaviours ac

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    ‘I cannot imagine that a vivid or beguiling account of the origins of British Australia will ever be writtenan extraordinary achievement’Robert Manne ‘Because we know the outcome the story has a deep poignancy

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    In Dancing with Strangers Inga Clendinnen tells of the meeting between the British First Fleet and the Aboriginal Australians in 1788 It is a story of confusion lack of understanding and ignorance on both sides However

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    I found this account of early 'contact' history to be uite enjoyable; easy to read interestingly written and balanced Although I didn't agree with all of the authors conclusions I found it refereshing to find an author

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    Rather dry text on the first years of the First Fleet's arrival and their relationship with Aboriginal Australia Relying heavily on European documentation and then making educated guesses as to the Aboriginal perspective

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    An excellent well written book about the settlement of Australia based on original letters and journals I found this book very interesting and easy to read Each chapter is based on a personevent or some type of issue very

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