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Hurt Willful Vanka thinks she is dying Galen a famous actor feels his life has become a superficial mirage And beautiful Khalid can only love people who hurt him When these three find themselves caught up in each others' lives will their risky games of domination and submission destroy them Or will they find solace from a lifetime of hurt

About the Author: Varian Krylov

Growing up near Los Angeles I spent much of my time frolicking in the Pacific Ocean and penning angst twisted poetry Now I'm living in sunny Spain writing pathos riddled fiction Ironically two of my favorite things are traveling and swimming in the ocean despite increasingly intense phobias of sharks and flyingI've always loved the music and substance of words always loved writing in well

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    5 painful and emotional starsReview completed March 11 2013 Can someone love than one person? Painful Intense Somber Sad Raw Rough Evocative Erotic Carnal Hopeful Beautiful This book is so much than prime erotica So so much Let's not beat around the bush because the reader should know that this book deals with breast cancer I don't consider this information

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    This is such a hard book to rate I thought I had read this story line before but not like this Never like this Not with this kind of gray somber melancholy atmosphere that seeps through the pages to envelope the reader The emotional game play is disturbing frustrating angsty and totally evocative The authors writing is powerful and beautiful probably the only reason I s

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    I just can't decideThis is really hard for me to review I really have mixed emotions when it comes to it This book is hard and it literally hurts all the time you read it because there's nothing but hurt in it In the beginning I liked it I liked Galen a lot Then I hated him and my heart ached for Khalid And even though you feel Vanka's hurt all the time I just couldn't connect

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    GR is asking me what I think will I ever find the words?What did I receive from this book?Three beings roughly manhandled by life damaged in their sense of self and self value in their identityThree hurting scared souls among milliards falling apart Three complex flawed and caring persons trying to master pain and fear playing mind games sex games imprisoning themselves and the othe

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    35 STARS Do you think a person can love be in love with than one person? If your answer to that uestion is anything less than the affirmative then this book is definitely not going to make sense Personally I'd answer that uestion with a yes but with many ualifiers which I guess explains a lot about how I feel towards this book Menage stories thus far is still very foreign to me particular

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    ★★★★★ETA 52014 With talk of a June release of Dangerously Happy thought it was time for a reread of this favorite book to see if my feelings for it are still warranted I've read many books since my original reading in July 2011 and several rereads since and I'm happy to say this still stands head and shoulders above many of the books I've read since then Original Review Edited a bitVank

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    This book blew my mind it was that damn good I'll definitely have to read it a second time; on the first go round I read it so uickly my fingers were getting wobbly Everyone should read this book Wait that's probably not right In fact there are two main issues that could put off potential readers the breast cancer and a strain of dubious consent I'll talk about the breast cancer now and the dubious conse

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    He held her huddled against his body as her grief tore her apart It was a betrayal Theatened Hurt To have her powerher control or the illusion of it ripped awayThis story is so very powerful so beautifully written I hope others can read this as a story of three damaged people coming together and finding peace and love I know first hand the grief and agony felt when you hear the words breast cancer to have your

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    I loved this book as much as my black heart could love Seriously At the beginning I was like what the fuck I've read this storyline a thousand times before but I was oh so sweetly deluded I loved Khalid here I didn't give a single fuck about Vanka and Galen but Vanka's father kinda stole my heart in a different way I just loved this sad heartbroken Algerian Sue meHighly recommended

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    Reading In The Dark BlogLike Reading In The Dark Facebook PageA fantastic emotional journey this book was incredibly difficult to readVanka a woman diagnosed with breast cancer meets Galen a jaded movie star Things are going well between them as a pair and the relationship soon evolves to include Galen’s part time lover Khalid The book is an exploration of how events and emotions can affect the dynamic of a relationship an

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