The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Dealing with

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Dealing with DragonsSearching for DragonsCalling on DragonsTalking to Dragons Collected together for the first time are Patricia C Wrede's hilarious adventure stories about Cine the princess who refuses to be proper Every one of Cine's adventures is included in its paperback edition Dealing with Dragons Searching for Dragons Calling on Dragons and Talking to Dragons in one handsome package that's perfect for gift giving

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    This series is absolutely one of the fantasy genre's treasures It's wonderfully light hearted and humorous; the author revels in puncturing any number of fairy tale conventions Princess Cine for instance isn't kidnapped and enslaved by a dragon she voluntarily become

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    Only just recently it has come to my attention that the final book in this series was actually written FIRST THIS BLEW MY MIND The final book ties everything together so very neatlyGoodness gracious my perception of the world is crumbling around my widdle ears OK so t

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    This is some of the best young adult fantasy out there especially if you like some humor in your fantasy In the first book the main character gets fed up with her life as a princess When she tries to learn to fence she's told it's unladylike so she has to stop When she

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    This is a series for people who like fantasy with a dash of humor and a strong female heroine who is perfectly willing to tell the slightly stupid handsome prince he can kindly throw himself off a cliff Add some dragons a few wicked wizard one very forward thinking witc

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    I recently finished reading these books with my ten year old daughter I read them years ago so I didn't remember much plot just that they are fun fantasy And they are light and witty funny creative and strong female characters I didn't like the last book as well It didn'

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    I read and reviewed each of the books collected in here separately so this is really just for my own records The rating 25 stars rounded up to 3 is an average of the individual ratings The first two books in the series Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons both e

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    So I was waiting for my latest book club's choice to arrive in the mail and knowing that it was a serious choice this month I decided to relive some young adult books that used to be great favorites of mine I own a very ratty hardcover copy of the Enchanted Forest Chronicl

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    I never read Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia I read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles And to this day I haven't been able to figure out why these adventure stories aren't films already Very fun

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    These books shaped my childhood

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    Okay time for a Nostalgia ReviewRecently somewhere on the depths of the internet I came across a list of badass women of fantasy or something like that and Cine from this series was on there And I was like I remember her She was awesome And I was possessed by a sudden desire

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