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Alizant Rings of Change #1 Rings of Change Alizant picks up where Ring of Destiny left off Life has settled for the Rhomandi brothers Personal differences are mostly a thing of the pastthey are still brothers after all; a wedding is on the horizon about time Deymio made his little daughter legitimate don’t you think; and Alizant has a very important demonstration coming upBut the past has a way of rearing its ugly head at just the wrong momentsfor weddings demonstrationsand small children The Rhomandi brothers’ might have laid their personal demons to rest but Alizant has a few of his own and Nikki’s tiny infant Jeremin has than enough to keep the entire lot busy for years to comeAnd just to make things interesting some unexpected visitors arrive from across the channelWill they manage to stop Deymio’s wedding Will they destroy Alizant’s dreams What will happen when they discover Jeremin’s secretJoin the brothers and their entourages on this next stage of their never dull lives

About the Author: Jane S. Fancher

On October 24 1988 in Oklahoma City OK at a suggestion from SF author CJ Cherryh I began writing I kept writing because two hours after starting I had to find out what happened A little over a year later I was the startled owner of a three book contract based on the rough draft of my first novelI've been writing ever sinceWhat appeals to me about writing in general is the constant chal

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    An excellent continuation of the Rings series by Jane S Fancherand proof that a series need not die when the New York market has run up against a tightly controlled market Rings of Change Alizant is the first original publication of Closed Circle as a non DRM e book available in 11 formats

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    The last 100 pages were pretty great but the first 1000 no that third zero is not a typo were too skimpy on plot to even begin to justify themselves

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    Wonderful continuation to the Change books Jane Fancher had me hooked on the first book after I read the third and found out that Rings of Change Alizant was due I impatiently waited for years and years and years and years LOL I discovered she'd made the ebook available her reasons are on her web site and had the book

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