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Resolution Blending suspense compassion raw instinct and grim wit Denise Mina's Resolution completes her compelling Garnethill trilogy which includes two New York Times Book Review Notable Books of the Year that Val McDermid author of A Place of Execution calls head and shoulders above much of contemporary crime fiction In her gripping new crime novel Mina returns once to the seamier precincts of Glasgow and the untidy world of the hapless but resolute Maureen O'Donnell Maureen's abusive father has shown up again in Glasgow; and Angus Farrell the psychologist who so gruesomely murdered her therapist boyfriend is going on trial—with Maureen as the star witness Meanwhile she's embroiled in another hard bitten family's feud when Ella McGee an elderly stallholder at the flea market where Maureen sells illegally imported cigarettes decides to take her son to small claims court over unpaid wages and then turns up beaten brutally in Albert Hospital Violence hovers in the most familiar precincts of Maureen's Garnethill and Denise Mina once again proves herself to be an award winning writer a superb series full of strong believable women all of whom are survivors and not victims A fitting and satisfying ending to the Garnethill TrilogyIf you like your mysteries realistic and gritty you will love the Garnethill Trilogy Maureen is a mess She tries to do the right thing but ends up mucking everything up again and again Her life is especially messy right now as her rapist father is back in town the trial of her murderous doctor is imminent and her reliance on booze is taking over her life Just when you think things can't get any worse they do Maureen does have two things going for her though her own sense of right and her family and friends They will stick by her no matter what comes An excellent conclusion to the Garnethill trilogy Some of the best writing I have come across in crime fiction The plots were believable the characters almost too real and the Glasgow setting endlessly fascinating Upon finishing Garnethill I wasn’t overly crazy about continuing this trilogy I was interested in seeing where things went but it wasn’t an intense desire In fact if I had not brought the trilogy as a collection I would not have been continuing However being a glutton for punishment I dove into Exile with the hope of improvement – after all so many people seem to enjoy Denise Mina as an author and I was hoping to find a spark to create such a view within myself Unfortunately my feelings towards Exile were much the same as my feelings towards Garnethill Nevertheless I had some hope for Resolution There was the promise of everything coming together well of the final book winning me overSadly it was not meant to beI really did try with this one There were so many things I was excited to see so many elements I was hoping would come together and blow my mind Yet I could not get into this one It took me forever to work through this one I kept putting it down and could not bring myself to pick it back up There was the potential for so much yet things seemed to move along at an incredibly slow pace and very little seemed to happen – even when things were happening I wasn’t at all interestedDon’t get me wrong aspects from the prior book were brought together in this one uite well The trilogy is brought to a solid conclusion all the elements being pulled together but I just didn’t care I had to continue reading as I wanted to know how it ended but I did not care what happened on the journey With the prior two books there came a point where I was sucked in and intrigued yet such did not happen with this oneAt least I can now say I have finished this trilogy In truth I doubt I will be reading Denise Mina in the future I do own one other Denise Mina book – it came with this trilogy when I brought them – but it is unlikely that I will pick it up at any point in the foreseeable future I fear it may be a book to sit and gather dust a rarity for me I may try it at some point but I cannot see it happening for a very long time – if at all

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